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Step 2 - Add your space

Upload details about your space including pictures. Users will be able to view your listing and book straight away.

Step 3 - Start getting paid

Accept bookings at your convenience and start making an income out of your unused spaces.

What our space sharers are saying

Excellent service. Very friendly and helpful staff. Would definitely recommend A+++. Thank you for all the hard work....

Matthew Lamb & Kritika Giri

Renting out space in my salon keeps my cash flow stable, even when my own business is quiet...

Moonlight Hair Salon, Peckham

Our office rent is almost covered since we started hiring out two meeting rooms that we had barely used...

Angela, Croydon


  • How do I add my property to Share My Space?

    Simply select 'ADD YOUR SPACE' on our Homepage.

  • Do I have to pay to use this service?

    Searching for a property is FREE, for bookings we include a £10 booking fee. Advertising; space is free to advertise with 10% transaction fee.

  • What happens once my space is added to Share My Space?

    Your space will become searchable instantly by small businesses worldwide.

  • How long can I rent a space for?

    There is no limit on how long you may continue your agreement, but licenses are on a rolling week-by-week basis.

  • How is the agreement regulated?

    Your agreement is a contract, licensing use of the agreed space, for one week at a time.

  • What happens if I want to end the agreement?

    Once the current week is up you simply do not need to renew your agreement.